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Preventing User Errors

Preventing errors is the 5th usability heuristic. These errors are…

Preventing errors is the 5th usability heuristic. These errors are not user errors. Rather, they are design errors as the design should be of the sort that does not allow the user to commit errors or at least gives a warning before the user is about to commit an error.


The best designs carefully prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Either eliminate error-prone conditions or check for them and present users with a confirmation option before they commit to the action.


Usability & accessibility issues were flagged for pivot components used from a shared library and dashboard canvas.


  • Tools – Figma, Color Contrast Checker
  • Mar 2022
  • Role – UX, User Testing
  • Tasks- User Research, Usability Study, UI, Dev Handoff

What the was situation

Cell conditional formatting caused accessibility issues. In a collaborative environment, where Supply Chain planners – shared and use common workbenches. And color selection by one user might not be accessible to other users, causing usability problems. Color choices are subjective in nature, hence one size fits all doesn’t work.

As filter conditions & cell conditional formatting are inherited by users, we lacked the control to avoid user slips and unconscious oversight.

What tasks were employed

We needed a guard rail system that deters error occurrence and at the same time allowed creative freedom and personal choice. For every problem – you don’t have to find expensive research $$, empathy mapping, or research jargon.

I solved this design solution – using a simple solution. I didn’t invent the wheel but with little innovative thinking and simplifying the approach. Ownership was needed – it seems a trivial problem but was stopping users from using the application.

What action was taken

The best designs carefully prevent problems from occurring in the first place if when possible eliminate error-prone conditions.

Presets, yes simple preset swatches help solve the problem. We provide a set of 24 preset swatches which good hue coverage. And important – all preset tested & passed the WCAG AAA color contrast test for small & large size text.

These preset colors were selected in such a way that they would never conflict with our semantic colors.

What was outcome

Many times customer delight cannot be measured – it can only be sensed. And there is immense UX pride, a sense of achievement when you solved a design problem.

As a SaaS product & service offering, if my product design deters or prevents user errors – is much more desirable than a fancy error handling modal and toast messages. This happens when you are customer obsessed and believe in creative problem-solving.